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Prune Trees best when it is warm

Nov 15

Prune Trees best when it is warm

Many believe that tree pruning is best done at the end of the year, especially in warmer climates. The beautiful leaves begin to fall and some branches may be swaying. This assumption could damage or kill your precious trees, even if the mature ones are not.


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It is important to inventory your trees before you can do any tree care. You may need to know which type of trees you have and if they are in dire need of tree trimming in San Antonio.


Andersen recommends seeking free help from the local Service. Many of these businesses have professional arborists or horticulture employees. They will share their knowledge and experience, regardless of where you live. Go to the Land-Grant University Website Directory to locate the one closest to you. After finding your state, click it and you will see a tab entitled Locate Your Local County Extension Office. Andersen claims that the websites have a well-designed design and include information about trees.


You can also call a professional tree service to inspect the area. She suggests that you ask the tree service about the condition of your trees, what might happen if they fall on your home during a storm or any other potential tragedies.


Depending on which Tree you are pruning, there is a different time for each type.


Normal pruning is performed to remove infestations, dead, diseased, or weak branches. It can also be done at any other time of the year without causing damage to the tree. The ISA's tree-pruning guidebook states that pruning should only be done in winter before the spring growth surge. This is to maximize growth as well as wound closure.


Pruning wounds can be disease-transmitting. Oak wilt affects oak trees especially. Each cut can change the growth of a tree. Andersen also stated that branches should not be cut unless there is a good cause. Avoid removing branch collars during pruning.


The homeowners can cut down dead branches to make their trees look healthier and more robust. Additionally, they remove any potentially dangerous branches that may fall on someone's roof or onto their home during a storm. Shaping trees can improve light transmission and airflow to their crowns, as it can also help with the airflow to a person's garden or home.


Here are some tips on how to prune trees.


  • Deciduous


These trees shed their annual leaves every year. According to the Wisconsin Horticulture section, most deciduous forests should be cut in the fall and winter. They are in their dormant phase, with the framework of the branches visible. Also, insect and disease activity has subsided.


  • Trees in infancy


Pruning can help develop strong and healthy trees. Pruning trees correctly when they are young means that they will need less trimming as the years go by. The time of trimming depends on where the tree is located.


  • Subtropic


Tree trimming should take place throughout the year because of California's and Florida's climates. Andersen claims they are constantly repairing and maintaining dead tissue. They also have access all year to sunlight and water. "But, you cannot remove enormous limbs every other day," she says. According to industry standards: Never prune trees that have more than 30% of their living tissue. "A large branch broken with 30% of its leaves on it means you are done for the season."


  • Trees that are Blooming


The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture recommends removing them as soon as they have begun to bloom. Dead or dying branches can be pruned at any time. Some trees may require special trimming or guidelines.


  • Trees that were recently planted


Pruning trees throughout your life is a good way to keep them healthy, safe, and beautiful.

Be sure to trim the limbs as soon as they have reached their maximum size. Trees that have large branches can create large wounds, which can be difficult to seal.

Don't try to cut off the tops of trees in order to lower their sizes. This is known as a topping. It can cause severe damage.

"People struggle to comprehend the fact we must trim the tree at the tree’s pace. Andersen clarifies that it is impossible to make it look good in just one season.


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