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Join a Real Estate Affiliate Program to Grow Your Marketing Agency This Year

Jul 13

The demand for digital marketing services in 2021 is growing at an unprecedented rate. In this competitive environment, businesses that lack a robust digital marketing strategy are at risk of becoming irrelevant. 

As a marketing agency, you’ll definitely have your work cut out in such a demanding and dynamic environment. The competition is as tough as it’s ever been and keeping up with the advances in technology can be overwhelming, to say the least. 

If you’re looking to finish 2021 on a high note, you don’t want to “try out” unproven strategies that may waste time and effort. Remember, your strong efforts in helping businesses may yield new business opportunities, but that’s never a guarantee. 

Instead, we feel that driving your own business growth with a tried and proven strategy like affiliate marketing is always a good idea. Here’s how joining real estate affiliate programs can help grow your marketing agency THIS year. 

How real estate affiliate marketing can help your agency grow

Real estate affiliate programs offer marketing agencies a lot of benefits, not the least of which are high-paying commission rates. In an industry expected to pay out almost $7 billion in affiliate commissions this year, real estate affiliate programs tend to have the highest payout rates. 

Getting set up as an affiliate partner is easy and marketers absolutely love the flexibility it provides them. Once the affiliate program goes live, marketers do what they do best which is to promote a service or product. 

For every successful sale and/or sign up made, the marketer earns a commission which is tracked with referral links. One of the most appealing aspects is that marketers don’t have to hold inventory, manage customer service, or even have a physical office location. 

High ticket real estate affiliate programs

High ticket affiliate programs allow affiliates to market products or services which cost more than $1000. Because these items cost more than your typical affiliate product, high ticket programs offer affiliates specialized training and will promote your self-development. 

Unlike your run-of-the-mill affiliate product, selling a high ticket product requires building a relationship with the client before they buy. As you probably guessed, transactions for high ticket items can take a lot longer to complete. 

Why sell real estate affiliate products now

With 2021 already beyond the halfway point, you may be asking why would I try to sell something that sounds harder to sell and takes longer to complete?

However, the reality is that marketing agencies stand to make tons more money from a few sales of high ticket items than from a bunch of low ticket affiliate products. In addition, the time and effort it takes to sell a low ticket item is practically the same as selling a high ticket affiliate product. 

Establishing yourself as an authority in real estate exposes your marketing agency to a large customer base. With over 14% of the population moving houses every year in the US, this is a huge opportunity to grow your network within the real estate niche. 

There’s no better way to start your real estate affiliate program journey than aligning yourself with the below listed companies. These firms have a stellar record in performance and above-average affiliate commission rates. 

Top picks for real estate affiliate programs

  • All Things Real Estate
    All Things Real Estate was founded in 2014 and carries practically everything a real estate agent could want. From Open House items to Yard Sale signs, this company provides it all in one convenient location.

    Not only that, but All Things Real Estate’s affiliate program is run by a company called Recursion. They make the sign up process incredibly easy and quick.
    Once you join, you’ll get access to an array of beautiful logos, ad banners and even a few nifty brand books. You also get a user-friendly dashboard from which you can check every click and referral you get. 

    At first glance, a 7% commission payout rate doesn't sound like much of a game-changer. However, the company typically sells its products in large quantities which can easily result in higher overall commission payments.
  • Showcase IDX
    Showcase IDX is one of the top real estate search and consumer engagement platforms for agents and brokers to grow their business. They are the makers of the highly popular Showcase IDX WordPress Plugin which provides websites with a direct feed of properties listed in their local MLS.

    Having an IDX-enabled website has become a crucial tool for real estate agents to grow their business. Not only do you earn a commission on people that purchase Showcase IDX through you, but you also earn revenue on anyone who they recommend the plugin to.

    In addition, you also earn recurring revenue for the first 12 months on each active Showcase IDX user you refer.
    With a 10% commission payout rate, it’s no wonder they’re recognized as one of the most lucrative IDX referral programs in real estate.
  • Real Estate Express
    These days, many people (employed or not) are looking to develop new skills or brush up on old ones. As a recognized leader in training real estate professionals, Real Estate Express is capitalizing on this opportunity to attract new recruits.

    Since 1996, Real Estate Express has provided world-class career support to its over 350,000 members. Their courses cover everything from completing pre-licensing to passing the state exam and more.

    Affiliate members can make a flat 20% on sales referred through their affiliate links. As a marketer, the potential to make multiple sales in this environment is quite high. Add on to that a claimed 17% conversion rate, and you have yourself an exciting affiliate program. 

Grow your marketing agency this year

The real estate industry has always been a fast-moving and highly-profitable industry to work in. Despite the pandemic and COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, US housing gained an astonishing $2.5 trillion in value. A single-year increase not seen since 2005!

Looking forward, real estate is poised to remain an active market and presents lucrative affiliate marketing opportunities for marketing agencies looking to grow their business.