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Is it better to encourage obese people to lose weight or not?

Oct 31

A body-positive movement has emerged over the past decade. This result fat activism gained momentum in 1968'. LIV24 has helped many people that are facing the problems listed below.

Online communities offer unconditional support. There are also online communities like 'Body Love Plus', which allows members from all walks of life to discuss how being overweight doesn't necessarily make you a bad person.

Is it possible to be both healthy AND obese?

A healthy weight can help you feel happier and less likely to get diabetes.

Dr. Dr. Dr. Spencer Nadolsky's meta-analysis found that abdominal fat was associated with higher mortality rates, and obesity was associated with lower chances of good health outcomes.

A new study in January 2021 confirmed that obesity can lead to high cholesterol.

Social media has made the field richer with nuance.

Luke Worthington is a blogger, social-media personal coach, and trainer. He believes there are many reasons why a fitness professional won't answer questions about fat loss.

Imagine losing weight without the need to fast or suffer side effects. This is what Worthington said.

Obesity can cause judgment. It is important to understand the nature of obesity.

Why is weight loss still considered taboo?

It is possible to stigmatize weight loss. Because of the high cost of treating obesity and other comorbidities like diabetes or heart disease state-funded healthcare is so costly.

Recent studies have shown that patients are more likely to seek help from doctors who perform gastric bypass surgery. Many patients give up after just three days.

Obesity may have many adverse consequences.

Mortality rate

Obese and overweight people are at greater risk than those who aren’t.

The way you look can affect your mortality.

Quality Life

Studies show that obese people have lower-quality lives than those of normal weight.

Poor lifestyles can lead to a feeling of being less valued. This could negatively impact your mental health.


The ability to bend, kneel, and lift your body weight is key to your ability to do daily tasks.


Research has done extensive work on the effects of obesity on fertility.

Mental Health

Depression and anxiety can be side effects of obesity.

Emotional well-being is about more than getting enough sleep.

Obesity is a serious condition. If they reveal how long ago their diet has been out of control, they may face backlash from friends and family.