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Indoor Obstacle Course For Kids

Jun 27

In our house, we love obstacle courses.  Although they are usually outdoors, an indoor course can be just as much fun sometimes if we are outside! We set up this indoor obstacle course for kids (mostly the kids did it) and we had a lot of fun running through it. Obstacle Course Rentals Mansfield, you can search for any service if you are in the Manfield area.

Materials Required for a Course:

  • Painter’s Tape
  • Sticky Notes
  • Marker
  • Smell-and-Write Tray
  • Flashcards with letter names
  • Bottle with no contents
  • Teethpicks
  • Tray
  • Use paper or plastic cups
  • A prize or candy at the end

How to proceed?

  1. Start your course at a point that makes sense to you. In the end, it was my kids who created the course and afterwards I joined to see if things made sense.
  2. Create a starting line for your route by using painters tape after you map the general route.
  3. Post-it notes should be written from A to Z and laid out in any order. Putting the letters in order is the first challenge of the course.
  4. Writing three letters in a sensory tray is the second challenge of the course. Alternatively, you may use a paintbrush, a finger, or anything else you can find.  As packing peanuts, we used them.
  5. This course uses painters tape on your course to include a lot of jumps, arrows, and turns. Our users were guided through the course using the tape placed on furniture, floors and doors.
  6. In order to complete the challenge, we needed an empty bottle, toothpicks, and a tray. The toothpick should fall into the bottle as soon as you drop it.  As it turned out, it was difficult because the opening of the bottle was quite small.  Although you could make it easier with a larger opening, this was a lot of fun to play!
  7. After that, it's time to stack cups. The user should have an equal number of cups in the stack and is challenged to make a pyramid from the cups.
  8. Go under the tape after spinning 3 times. Add crab walking under the tape for an extra twist that the kids enjoyed.
  9. Don't forget to floss! Kids Obstacle Courses Inside
  10. After that, you should snap your fingers 10 times.
  11. After you have done 10 sit-ups, stop and repeat. Nearly there!
  12. Finally you have finished and collected your prize (candy for us)!