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How To Make Money Playing RuneScape

Sep 5

Want to make money playing video games? Here's how you can sell OSRS gold and turn your skills into cold hard cash.

Runescape from 2007 is a blast from the past. If you have fond memories of playing RuneScape in its early days, then OSRS may be for you!

Now, how do you make money from playing this old but popular MMORPG?

Get A RuneScape Membership

Becoming a RuneScape member can help you make more OSRS gold faster. This is because members have access to quests, minigames, and skills that non-members do not which means they are able to play the game in different ways than other players who choose not to become paying players.

A RuneScape membership is either acquired through exchanging OSRS bonds for memberships, buying RS memberships from a third-party seller, or purchasing them directly on the official site of Runescape.

Improve Your OSRS Skills

The Big Three are the essential skills of OSRS. These include Woodcutting, Mining, and Fishing because they help you survive as well as make money!

A good woodcutting skill will let you cut down trees and obtain logs needed for firemaking, construction, or fletching. There are always people who need these materials so it's a great way to earn OSRS GP.

There are many benefits to mining, but one of the most common is that it allows you to make money off of anything found in rocks. This can be both ores and gems which allow for an easy way into making more gold through your work with minerals.

Skilled fishers are able to catch a wider variety of fish. Fish can be used for cooking recipes, and some OSRS fish sell quite highly on the Grand Exchange market.

Efficiently Farm OSRS Gold

Making gold farming more efficient is about identifying the activities that can bring you the greatest number of OSRS Gold at your current skill levels.

Players can earn gold pieces in a variety of ways. Low-level players might pick potatoes, slay cows and chickens, or shear sheep while high levels may be able to kill dragons and magical creatures.

Mining is a great way to make in-game currency. It’s relatively easy and efficient, especially if you choose coal or iron ore for mining purposes. With enough experience points, you can easily earn up to 30k gold per hour!

If you want to make easy money in RuneScape, look for items that are underpriced or one step up from junk status. These can be turned into higher-level OSRS items and sold on the Grand Exchange at a markup.