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How To Get Your Own OSRS Pet This 2021

Jun 7

Pets are a welcome addition to most games, and here’s what you might want to know about them in Old School Runescape.

Do you ever feel like there is something missing from your game? OSRS pets may be the answer! In this post, we will go over some of their features as well as how they can help improve gameplay for those who need that extra boost or just enjoy having an animal companion by their side while exploring new places.

What are OSRS Pets?

Ever wanted a pet that would follow you around and do your bidding? Well in many ways, this is what OSRS can offer. Unlike other games where pets are often just an aesthetic addition to the game-play experience, they serve as more of an equal partner for players on their quest through Gielinor's wildernesses. It might be worth noting however that not all such companions hail from combat: some come into existence via skilling or even exploration!

You can interact with most pets in the game. They don’t serve many purposes, but they are highly regarded for those who do have them since their rarity depends on where you acquired them from: as a rare drop or skilling item. You can only have one pet following you at any given time; if it gets too far away then it will teleport back to your side. If this is something that interests you and would like more information, go under the Worn Equipment tab and use the Call follower button.

How To Get An OSRS Pet For The First Time

The pet system in RuneScape is a complex network of obtaining animals with different methods. Some, like the Chompy Chick, can be obtained by killing birds and others require you to kill higher leveled monsters for their corpses or make certain items.

The Kraken is one of the most elusive and sought-after creatures in all of RuneScape. It may take some time before you can call it your own, but if you’re looking for OSRS gold or just want a pet that will make people say "wow," then this boss has a lot to offer.

Those same odds account for the Baby Mole, who is dropped by Giant Mole. The slightly lesser chances lie with the likes of the Venenatis Spiderling that you get from Venenatis, which only has just over a 12% chance of capture. The Hellpuppy comes from Cerberus and this is an even lower chance at around 11%.

Pets don’t have as much of an impact in Old School Runescape like they do in other games, but it shouldn't take anything away from them being included. You can see the argument for players who would consider them to be a bit of a waste of time though and having a companion joining you on your adventures won't hurt either way.