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CBD Gummies vs CBD Capsules

Jun 27

What’s Better: CBD Capsules or CBD Gummies

With an extra wide world of offerings from a very saturated CBD marketplace, sometimes it can make your head spin just to look at all the choices in sizes, milligrams, quantities and more. Some products can be downright difficult to understand, but there are a few that just make sense, and today we pit them up against one another. Let’s dive into a discussion about some pros and cons between CBD Pills or Capsules vs a candied CBD solution like Gummies.

Easy to Understand

The nature of both Capsules and Gummies are easy to understand. Since childhood, many of us have taken vitamins or medicines, which come in both of the above formats. It’s familiar. 

Beyond that, topicals and tinctures, are just plain less easy to understand the draw. Yes, there are benefits when using hemp on skin, but how much? Where? How often? And Tinctures, how do you even use that? Understanding of 1800s medicine would tell you, but we’re in the 21st century, and we require something more modern.

Both CBD Capsules and CBD gummies are easy to comprehend, and as such, they both win this category.

Damn Convenient

Aside the fact that you understand exactly what you’re getting at the outset of your CBD purchase, both CBD Capsules and CBD Gummies are very handy. They come in bottles that you can throw anywhere, they’re not a liquid format, so they don’t spill in a bag, and they’re low profile. There’s a way bigger attention draw to someone taking a tincture in public, or smoking a cbd flower, than there is someone taking a pill, or eating a gummy worm. 

However, there’s a winner in this convenience arena. Capsules don’t melt. Putting some gummies in your car on a hot day (and it’s getting hotter out there folks) is a recipe for melty disaster. Don’t subject yourself to that. If you live in a warmer part of the world, or it’s summer, then the convenience of gummy goes down having to store them in a cool dry place. 

Consistent Doses

Both CBD Capsules and CBD Gummies offer consistent dosing. Afterall one tablet equals 25 mg or one gummy bear is 50 mg of CBD or Hemp Oil or whatever the flavor is this month of a hemp plant derived substance.

However, just because these items say they have a certain amount of CBD, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s true. Consistency is much harder to get with a gummy or any confection when not directly controlling the amount of CBD in each individual piece. The web is actually chock full of studies where a candy came up short, and gummies are no exception. 

And while not all pills and capsules are the same, the method by which they are produced itself lends a lot more to a consistent dose. Synchronicity’s full-spectrum CBD capsules are softgels that have been filled with a precise amount of cbd-rich hemp oil. The value in consistent doses is difficult to understate. 

Round Up

When we look at several important factors in what can influence a decision between CBD pills and CBD gummies, there is one clear winner. CBD Capsules are more consistent with doses, and don’t melt in the heat, and it’s for those reasons we crown Synchronicity CBD pills, tablets, softgels, gelcaps, and capsules as the winners of this mock battle.