On the 27th of November, Elsol Company (ELSOLCOM) announced that its own beauty brand NUBELLE’s product ‘NUBELLE Pure Xanthigen Night Enhanced’ is selected as one of HIT500 products.

The products that make the HIT500 list are eligible to receive marketing support from the Korean government, and gain reputation as quality product approved by the government.

HIT500 is a marketing-support program for small and medium businesses that scopes out newly launched or pre-launch products to provide support for foreign market entries and on-and-offline promotion.

‘NUBELLE Pure Xanthigen Night Enhanced’ is an upgraded version of ‘NUBELLE Pure Xanthigen Night’ which consists of xanthigen and aloe leaf, ingredients that help reduce body fat and increase bowel movement. Plus, probiotics are added to improve consumers’ intestinal health.

These days, there is a growing number of people suffering from constipation, a common side effect of the modern diet. ‘NUBELLE Pure Xanthigen Night Enhanced’ hopes to be a bringer of good news for such consumers, and it was confirmed by the virality the product had gained upon launch earlier this year.

Park Chan-in, ELSOLCOM’s project leader, speaks about NUBELLE’s future plan, “NUBELLE is the result of ELSOLCOM’s market initiative and marketing ability. We are not going to just sit on our laurels. Under our NUBELLE motto ‘Healthy Beauty’, we will be launching more products and services to constantly improve customer satisfaction.”

송영록 기자 syr@etoday.co.kr

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