On the 23rd, Elsol Company (ELSOLCOM) announced the launching of ‘cura comae’, ELSOLCOM’s own hair loss treatment brand, with scalp pore deep cleansing shampoo product under the Spicule Aesthetica line.

In latin, ‘cura comae’ means haircare, and the brand aims to provide consumers with luxurious hair and scalp care experience of ancient Rome’s finest tactics. Spicule Aesthetica is cura comae’s first line of products and is developed to overcome the level of nutrient absorption rate. For the usual skincare products, only 10% of nutrients are able to penetrate the skin for absorption. Spicule Aesthetica products improves absorption and maximizes the scalp care efficiency.

Spicule is a micro-pin shaped material obtained from poriferan (sea sponge) habitable to clean ocean environment. It has anti-hair loss ingredients that penetrate into the scalp and helps hair loss by releasing accumulated heat and cleansing the scalp pores.

Park Chan-in, ELSOLCOM’s project leader, expressed his expectations on ‘cura comae’ brand, “Over 10 million people suffer from hair loss stress. Hair loss was previously considered only as men’s problem as it can often be genetic. However, hair loss is also caused by environment and stress. Now in modern society, hair loss is of everyone’s interest. We believe that ‘cura comae’ can help those suffering from mental pain due to hair loss.”

This newly launched scalp pore deep cleansing shampoo cleanses scalp pores and includes hair loss treatment ingredients. It is offered exclusively on RETTEB, premium online marketplace. RETTEB is also currently holding its Black Friday event with up to 58% discounts.

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