Choi Joon-ho, CEO of the Elsol Company, signed an MOU with Kim Doh-jin, CEO of ATFS Lab in order to strengthen INFLEUM Project and ICO.

INFLEUM is a blockchain-based brand publishing platform for micro-influencers that aims to create a transparent trading structure in which an individual’s small ideas or actions may translate into profit. ATFS Lab had already successfully completed its own ICO with the blockchain-integrated smart farm business model.

With this MOU, the two parties agreed to mutual cooperation in establishing INFLEUM ecosystem and marketing.

Kim Doh-jin, CEO of ATFS Lab, revealed his expectation on this MOU, “ATFS is introducing a decentralized blockchain technology into agriculture through ‘Smart Farm 2.0’ to increase agricultural productivity. And now we are expecting this MOU with INFLEUM to start an innovative business system based on advanced revenue base and supply model in which agricultural products can become a brand.”

“MOU with ATFS Lab will provide diversity to the INFLEUM’s blockchain-based brand publishing ecosystem. INFLEUM will provide solutions for marketing challenges that many farms and local governments are facing and serve as a bridgehead between promising agricultural brands in Korea and the global market,” said Choi Joon-ho, founder and CEO of Elsol Company.

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