Elsol Company (ELSOLCOM), a brand publishing company from South Korea is expanding into global market through its INFLEUM Project. INFLEUM is now conducting a reverse ICO based on Elsol’s proven business model and is currently in talks with global blockchain projects to strengthen its network.

INFLEUM is characterized by its accurate and fair rewards system. The ecosystem counts individual contributions and performance in all parts of the brand publishing processes like marketing, distribution, consulting, legal service and finance on blockchains.

INFLEUM is a reverse ICO project launched by ELSOLCOM. Reverse ICO refers to an ICO implemented by a company already providing a commercialized platform or service. Reverse ICO’s by companies establishes a sound level of credibility due to verifiable stable business operations, and therefore has a higher probability of success, opposed to ordinary ICO’s that require more risk from the investors.

INFLEUM’s presale finished past month, and the team has been fortifying its global network by participating in a number of blockchain events: Mars Finance Summit NYC, LA Start Engine Summit, World Investment Forum Geneva, a Binance Meet-Up, Crypto Challenge London, and Malta Blockchain Summit 2018.

The team’s priority is speeding up INFLEUM listing on the exchanges. ELSOLCOM officials said that INFLEUM’s exchange listing will be accelerated by networking at international blockchain events.

An Joon, co-founder and COO of INFLEUM, reveals INFLEUM’s ambition to lower the entry barrier for brands in the world so that even small brands can extend its business abroad, “We expect INFLEUM ecosystem to grow explosively with global influencer participation.”


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