Elsol Company is en route to establishing a blockchain ecosystem

On Sept 27th, Elsol Company announced a strategic MOU with ADOS, a blockchain-tech company, to strengthen its INFLEUM business. Under the MOU, Elsol Company and ADOS will work together for the co-development and co-marketing of the blockchain-based brand publishing platform, INFLEUM.

ADOS is actively investing in elemental technologies and relevant patents to realize blockchain token economies such as the blockchain-based IoT device authentication algorithm and integrated mileage issuance system.

“ADOS is in charge of the mainnet development which is a key technology within the blockchain industry, and Elsol Company brings the brand publishing platform. Together we will be able to lead the Korean blockchain industry,” said Lee Seung-won, CEO of the ADOS.

Choi Joon-ho, CEO of Elsol Company and founder of INFLEUM stated, “This MOU with ADOS will accelerate our journey to the transparent and fair trading economy structure in which anyone can participate and attain fair compensation. We will lead the way in establishing the blockchain ecosystem that actually works.”

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