On Sept 18th, Elsol Company announced that its participation in Futurama Blockchain Innovation Summit in Ibiza and presented its blockchain-based brand publishing platform INFLEUM.

The summit was organized by the Bitcoin Foundation and DNA Capital. Brock Pierce, the CEO of the Bitcoin Foundation has worked with more than 150 cryptocurrency companies as a founder, partner and advisor. 

Crypto-celebrities like Joshua Hong, Internet-media entrepreneur and Miko Matsumura, the founder of Evercoin also participated in this summit.

ELSOLCOM’s INFLEUM Project provides DApp services such as REDITO, a combined alliance marketing platform that satisfies both marketer and advertiser, REDINK, a total mentoring service for start-ups and RETTEB, a curated commercial platform that targets wellness-oriented consumers.

Other DApp services are to be added: REDICHECK, a review network pool where participants try out a new product/service and share their experience in written form, REDINERO, a crowdfunding service based on social credit., CHANNELJOY, a content-creating service utilizing visual and auditory images SOCU, a shared payment service, and REDITAIL, a B2B business support service.

Choi Joon-ho, the CEO of the Elsol Company shared his plans, “Elsol Company’s priority is achieving 100 billion won in sales by 2020 and entering KOSDAQ. We will do our best to expand our business on an international scale by actively participating in blockchain summits and exhibitions.”

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