“Many ideas are not realized into commercialization due to lack of time and money. We created the INFLEUM Platform to address this problem. INFLEUM provides transparent compensation for individual ideas,” says Choi Joon-ho, the CEO of Elsol Company.

Elsol Company created INFLEUM to address unfair and complex problems of the existing brand publishing ecosystem. INFLEUM is a total brand publishing platform with solutions and infrastructures for individual brand growth.


INFLEUM integrates all stages brand publishing on one platform. One can invest, do marketing, sell, extend your professional network and pay for services. It also ensures transparent and fair compensation through smart contract system. This will lead to a virtuous cycle where quality content and work are more easily and quickly produced within the ecosystem,” says Choi.

INFLEUM provides DAPP services such as REDITO, a combined alliance marketing platform that satisfies both marketer and advertiser, REDINK, a total mentoring service for start-ups and RETTEB, a curated commercial platform that targets wellness-oriented consumers.

Other DAPP services are to be added:

  • REDICHECK, a review network pool where participants try out a new product/service and share their experience in written form.
  • REDINERO, a crowdfunding service based on social credit
  • CHANNELJOY, a content-creating service utilizing visual and auditory images
  • SOCU, a shared payment service
  • REDITAIL, a B2B business support service


Choi continues on about ELSOL COMPANY’s future plans, “New DAPPs that we see fit in the brand publishing world will be added to facilitate the process. We will also work to ensure that all contributors in all parts of brand publishing will be compensated even when they do not claim or ask for it.”


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