Recently published “All About Bitcoin” introduces Bitcoin, types and characteristics of altcoins, formation of electronic wallets, and cryptocurrency’s price principles. The book is for those who aim to invest and study the cryptocurrencies, most fundamentally Bitcoin.

The book is written by Choi Joon-ho, CEO of Elsol Company, is a first-generation online marketer since 2002 with experience in consulting countless services and brands. His company, Elsol Company, is Korea’s first brand publishing company.

CEO Choi identifies problems unique to startups and provides suitable solutions, ultimately achieving remarkable sales growth for brands. He is also active in giving lectures on the importance of the blockchain and regularly writes columns on the topic. Based on his own experiences, Choi’s company launched an alliance marketing model, ‘Project REDI’ which provides synergy through collaboration between startups and individuals, and will soon launch a cryptocurrency token, ‘INFLEUM’. The INFLEUM Project is gaining media attention as this would mean the creation of an ecosystem solely equipped with virtuous business cycles.

“I believe that collective intelligence and experience provide solutions to a variety of issues in the future. In the past, it was hard to realize one’s idea due to lack of information and production means, even if the idea was innovative. However, it is possible now–thanks to the new technology and multiple business connections. With INFLEUM, an encrypted token for B2B and B2C business, we are going to provide an environment that every economic unit can easily participate in transparent transaction structures not found in the current, real economy. Taking it a step further, we are trying to foster an environment where every economic behavior is evaluated and transactional,” says Choi.

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