On the 9th, Elsol Company (CEO Choi Joon-ho) announced that record first-half sales of 10 billion won has been met.

Earlier this year, the company announced its goal of reaching 40 billion won in revenue by increasing the number of private brands (PBs) to 18, strengthening its commercial business and launching user-centric UGC platform.

“There are many scheduled brand launches in the second half of this year and it is expected that we are going to achieve our sales goal through active and aggressive business expansion,” says CEO Choi.

Already in the first half of this year, Elsol Company exapanded their revenue by successfully launching REDITO, REDINK and RETTEB platform services and a new private brand ‘Nan-E-Ger(ME LIKE)’.

‘Nan-E-Ger(ME LIKE)’, launched in April, is a functional health supplement that comes in different supplement mixes matching to various lifestyles.

In addition, Elsol Company introduced REDITO and REDINK services as part of its ‘Project REDI’ to strengthen its B2B business.

‘REDITO’ is a combined alliance marketing platform that satisfies both marketer and advertiser. And ‘REDINK’ is a total mentoring service for start-ups (early-stage ventures).

Health & Beauty products shopping mall ‘RETTEB’ opened in May, and is a curated commercial platform that targets wellness-oriented consumers.

Elscol Company, which has been steadily increasing its sales since 2013, is planning to increase its number of PBs to 18 this year and strengthen its own commercial business. Additional platforms that facilitate reviews, talent sharing, content production and P2P sharing are to launch in the second half of 2018.


출처: ZDnet Korea(https://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=105&oid=092&aid=0002143638)

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