An open-source publishing platform that accurately measures participation value and disburses corresponding benefits to all contributing participants in the process of start-up development–investment, production, development, marketing, commerce and payment–has been announced.

On the 14th, Elsol Company announced the development of INFLEUM Project which includes a blockchain-based platform and eight DAPPs (decentralized application) built on Elsol’s existing services. The website ( and white paper were also released on the same day.

INFLEUM platform measures the value of influence according to the user’s participation and offers corresponding compensation in each phase of entire brand publishing ecosystem which includes △REDINK, a total mentoring service to aid company growth, △REDITO, a combined alliance marketing service for efficient marketing, △REDITAIL, a transactional support system agent for small businesses given by enterprises, △REDICHECK, a trial review platform, △SOCU, a shared payment platform, △RETTEB, a curated commerce platform, △CHANNELJOY, a contents commerce service platform, and △REDINERO, a crowdfunding platform.

From the date of website opening, Elsol Company is to start developing the INFLEUM Combined Wallet and launching the service within the first half of next year with hopes to jumpstart innovation in the digital economy.

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