‘Company Builder’ organization Elsol Company (CEO Choi Joon-ho) is taking its first step into business infrastructure.

Elsol Company is to offer an immediate solution for promising Korean start-ups with ‘Project REDI’ which starts with recently opened services ‘REDI Express’ and ‘REDITO’.

A start-up refers to early-stage enterprise with innovative technologies and ideas in the pre-capital stage. Although they have high technical skills, ideas, and products, they often experience difficulties with marketing, distribution or sales.

Regardless of the type of business, companies need to be prepared for every area of business in order to operate and expand to increase their chances of success. Unless they are prepared for each business area from the production of competitive products, distribution, marketing, sales and accounting, even start-ups with great potential and good ideas cannot survive. However, this preparation requires a lot of time and money. And it is even more difficult for the start-ups that do not have know-how for efficient preparations.


‘Project REDI’ is launched

to address

start-up facing challenges and stands for ‘Rapid Enterprise Drive Intelligence’. ‘REDI’ from ‘Project REDI’ sounds the same as ‘ready’ in English and means that ‘we are always ready for business to build companies.

‘Project REDI’ is a brand publishing business that supports start-ups to settle into a ‘continuous business’ and share profits through collaboration. Until now, about 29 start-ups have worked with Elsol Company and their accumulated sales are over 31 billion won. Each brand grew by 2305 percent. With ‘Project REDI’ Elsol Company will solidify its position as a specialized start-up alliance company builder organization.

‘Project REDI’ includes various businesses like ‘REDI Express’, the logistics agency that provides efficient and economical logistics management services for small and medium businesses, and ‘REDITO’, the alliance marketing platform that opened on the 19th and supports smart marketing activities of advertisers with a new commission payment system. Businesses like ‘REDI Craft’ and ‘REDITAIL’ which will solve problems regarding digital marketing and distribution vendors are also being materialized.

Additionally, ‘REDINK’, a high-end knowledge content platform to be opened in April, is going to provide value-generating mentoring services provided by experts for those who are preparing or launching start-ups in each industry.

‘Project REDI’ will serve as the master brand of the B2B business for the start-ups that Elsol Company partners with or co-founds. With ‘Project REDI’, Elsol Company introduces sub-brands in various business areas and is the first step in becoming a trusted partner of start-up industry.


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