Elsol Company, a company builder organization which shares profit through mutual growth with start-ups, announced the launch of REDINK, a total mentoring service for start-ups.


REDINK aims to be a high-end platform with contents written and shared by experts. REDINK mentors are field experts in business fields such as IT, AI, Chinese market, strategy, business model development, HR, marketing, legal, and accounting. With this group of experts, REDINK will provide on & offline customized tutoring service.


Start-ups often lack human and physical resources necessary for company management and growth. So even with unique ideas or technologies, start-ups tend to fail during the ‘Death Valley’ period.


REDINK is a platform designed to solve this issue and to support local start-ups. REDINK is an abbreviation for ‘Ready to Link’, representing the assertive style of mentoring. REDINK will allow startups to meet not only mentors but also other entrepreneurs who have similar worries, and to share and solve problems together via online and offline meetings.


REDINK offers online service such as ▲ Q&A with Mentor, ▲ Mentor Columns, ▲Mentor’s Book Choice, ▲ REDINK Talk Talk. For offline services, services like ‘Mentor Lecture’, ‘Consultant Networking’, ‘Onsite Consulting Service’ and ‘Tea Time with Leaders’ are to be provided.


Elsol Company said that REDINK is more than just a mentoring service and it will serve as a community where experts share their know-how’s in organizational management and start-ups freely discuss their issues, which will eventually create a virtuous cycle of mentoring. For this, REDINK will add more mentor resources in various business fields and diversify its services to help answer a spectrum of start-up challenges.


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