Elsol Company launches a new concept platform called “RETTEB” that targets
wellness-oriented consumers on the 28th.

The brand name “RETTEB” is English word ‘better’ spelled backwards. RETTEB
offers a curated commercial service with personalized shopping

RETTEB plans to specialize in products that can be purchased only in RETTEB
and to introduce programs that give benefits to customers depending on their
purchase frequency.

In addition, RETTEB offers a 40% discount coupon and a 3,000 won free
delivery coupon to original customers who move their accounts to RETTEB in
celebration of brand and homepage renewal. To add another customized
wellness service, RETTEB will continuously offer premium products paired with
discount events and benefits.

Ahn Joon, Director of RETTEB comments, "RETTEB will help consumers make
reasonable purchases and grow as a community. We will develop RETTEB into
a curating platform by focusing on personalization that satisfies each customer’s

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