On August 1st, Elsol Company was awarded Inno-Biz Certification by the Ministry of Small Medium Enterprises and Start-ups.


‘Inno-Biz’ is a combines the words, innovation and business, and to be Inno-Biz Certified means that the venture is recognized to have technical and valuable innovation that account for its positive potential for market growth.


With ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications under its belt and adding on the Inno-Biz Certification, Elsol Company enters the second half of 2018 strong, “With this certification, we are now officially certified as a venture with full growth potential and technical advantages based on our ongoing technical innovations,” comments Choi Joon-ho, CEO of Elsol Company.

출처 : 아이티비즈(http://www.it-b.co.kr)

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