On March 19th, Elsol Company announced the launch of its alliance marketing platform, ‘REDITO’. The alliance marketing platform ‘REDITO’ is an influencer-marketing (marketing method using influential individuals) platform of the existing CPS system, and introduces ‘Contribution on Purchase’ evaluation systems for stages with affiliates who serves as a marketer.


‘Contribution on Purchase’ is measured by tracking the customers’ journey. The system analyzes the route leading to purchase conversion and provides commission based on the CPS for marketers who directly affected the purchase, and sales contribution rewards for marketers who indirectly affected.


Also, marketers can make profits in various communication channels as well as influential channels due to low platform restrictions. The marketers can use their own promotional codes and work as affiliate and check their performance and commission through menus such as daily reports and earnings performance. Commission that results from campaign performance are paid in cash.


Elsol Company explains that advertisers can efficiently use advertising expenses and easily analyze customers’ journey to the final conversion by using provided tools so that they can understand the marketing effects of each channel at a glance.


“We track down all the contact’s influence in the campaign and analyze the missed indirect campaign, which will enable our partners to make smarter decisions for profits,” said Noh Seung-wook, a marketing executive at REDITO.

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