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Amazon & Whole Food Store - Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology is at Whole Food Stores!

Oct 14

After celebrating great applause, firstly in Go Store and then expanding its prestige to Fresh supermarkets, Amazon’s cashierless is now introducing its “Just Walk Out” in two customary areas as Whole Food locations. The service is supposed to overwhelm the WashingtonDC and Sherman Oaks market this year. However, the following year will be the providence-changing moment for California. The company has disclosed its strategy as:

“By collaborating with Amazon to introduce Just Walk Out shopping at these two Whole Foods Market stores, our customers will be able to… save time by skipping the checkout line,” a statement by John Mackey, the co-founder of Whole Foods.

The Just Walk Out service relies on computer vision, sensors, and artificial intelligence to provide its customer an in-store-like environment online. The user just has to sign in to his Amazon account and enjoy filling the cart with freshly chosen hygienic food items. A plus point is you do not have to line up in those long tiring queues. But definitely, it facilitates the user with online checkout. On the other side it will also allow sellers to drive more traffic by outsourcing Amazon PPC Services for their businesses. Moreover, For outreaching its own Go and Fresh stores to the third-party retailer, Amazon has recently signed an official licensing deal with independent sellers. 

The base of the scheme will be the same as amplified at Whole Foods market, introduced by Amazon. The user can get stuff off his interest just by attaining opt technology for scanning the app, inserting the account details, and enjoy making purchases of their choice by using Amazon One palm-scanning system.
Unions protested that Amazon cashierless technology will endanger the employment of many workers involved in providing customer care services. However, amazon denied the distinctions by proclaiming that the Whole Food location will  “employ a comparable number of team members as existing Whole Foods stores of similar sizes”. Moreover, the workers will have an opportunity to even   “spend more time interacting with customers and delivering a great shopping experience,” exclaimed Amazon, during a press meeting. Well, to make your selling experience even more easeful and interactive for your customers then you can leverage the best Amazon Account Management Services