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Commercial Mixing Tools Comes in a Variety of Sizes

Jun 24

Commercial Mixing Tools

The right EvenMix New Location equipment can help your business save time, money, and energy while reducing strain on staff. These machines are built to handle a variety of different tasks, from blending ingredients for sauces and dips to kneading dough for bakery items. When choosing a mixer, it is important to consider what it will be used for, what attachments fit, and the options available for increasing its capacity.

Tote Mixing

Having the ability to mix in IBC totes eliminates the need to transfer liquids into and out of another container, eliminating potential spills and saving time and energy. This can also reduce the amount of labor needed to move fluids around a facility, which could lead to reduced employee fatigue and improved productivity.

IBC tote mixers come in a variety of sizes, with each one engineered for optimum mixing in its specific size. This includes both lightweight and heavy-duty versions that feature a shaft that is optimally sized to the opening of an IBC tote and mixed flow blades. These features work together to create high-efficiency agitation, allowing you to mix your IBC containers quickly and easily.

Mixers are a necessity for any foodservice establishment, and knowing how much you need can help you determine what type of machine is best for your business. These units can range from countertop mixers to large floor models, and each option comes with its own set of benefits.

Countertop mixers are small, freestanding appliances that can fit on a work table or counter and be used for smaller tasks such as preparing desserts, whipping cream, or mashing potatoes. These are ideal for restaurants and low-volume foodservice operations that don't need a larger machine.

Mid-sized mixers are the workhorses of many commercial kitchens, especially those with a bakery or pizzeria. These mixers have a larger bowl and motor than a countertop model, but still work well for a wide range of tasks. A commercial spiral mixer is designed specifically for dough, utilizing an attachment that both spins and rotates the agitator to help knead thick, dense dough.

A commercial planetary mixer is the workhorse of many large, high-output establishments. These machines are able to tackle high volumes of dense, tough dough for hours at a time, and can hold up to 90 lbs of bread dough in their bowls. These machines are equipped with a safety-cut switch to ensure that the machine must be shut down before changing speeds. To help protect your investment, invest in a heavy-duty mixer that can be fitted with accessories such as a dough roller or shredder to further increase its capacity and capabilities. This can help your business increase productivity and improve your bottom line in the long run. These durable, rugged mixers are made to last for years in even the most demanding of environments. This includes a stainless steel body and an industrial grade motor. They are also easy to clean and sanitary, making them the ideal choice for any foodservice operation.

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