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Best Care Packages for Seniors

Mar 15

A care package is a gift of useful, helpful, or thoughtful items that are sent to someone who needs them. They can be a wonderful way to show a loved one that you are thinking about them and that you care. Care packages are often given on special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries, but you can also give them for no particular reason at all. A care package for a senior can help them feel appreciated and loved, even if you are not able to visit in person.

Care Packages for seniors should be customized to the recipient’s needs and interests. You can include items to keep them entertained, healthy, or clean, as well as items that help to soothe boredom and loneliness. Gifts that can be used in the home, such as a music player with their favorite tunes, or an indoor plant to brighten their room are a great addition. Snacks and treats can be included as well, but be sure to choose foods that aren’t too fragile to be shipped in the mail.

You might want to include a handwritten note that lets them know how much you care. A few photographs of your family together are always appreciated. A coupon book with things they can redeem for help around the house, such as chores or errands, is also a fun way to show that you are thinking of them.

An elderly care package can also include items to help keep them active, such as a set of resistance bands, an exercise mat, or an assortment of workout DVDs. If your friend enjoys reading, books in large print or crossword puzzle workbooks are great ways to help them stay mentally sharp.

Including small decor items is another great idea, such as door hangers or plush toys that are themed to the season. A box of homemade cookies, a cake mix, or a batch of your grandmother’s famous snickerdoodles are also a nice touch.

If your loved one is receiving elderly care at home, you can get in touch with their social services department to find out more about the options available. They will carry out a care needs assessment and may put together a care package for them that can include a variety of services, such as support at home, carer visits or adaptions to the property.

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