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Tax Advice Services

Jan 8

Tax Advice Services

A tax advisor provides guidance relating to federal, state and local tax laws. They also stay abreast of the most recent changes in tax law and regulations to ensure their clients are compliant. This includes advising on tax planning opportunities and strategies that minimize the cost of taxes paid.

In addition, tax advisors can help individuals claim foreign earned income exclusions and the foreign tax credit. They can also advise on international investment and philanthropic initiatives that may reduce tax exposure.

Whether you’re a tax-paying entity such as a C Corporation, S Corporation or LLC, or a nonprofit organization, thorough tax planning is essential. Our tax professionals can provide advice on entity structure, asset management, and transaction tax issues.

Our strategic Tax Advice Services teams help organizations navigate the challenges and opportunities of their global tax landscape. They can support you in achieving your business objectives by working closely with your external legal and financial advisory team to deliver a holistic approach that addresses both domestic and foreign tax considerations.

When it comes to family businesses, we understand the unique tax issues that can arise. Our advisory services include helping you assess the tax impact of business decisions, identify potential savings and compliance risks, and develop a long-term strategy for managing your tax footprint. Our teams can also provide guidance on a range of other complex tax matters, including monetizing intangible assets, leveraging tax incentives, M&A transaction tax due diligence and integration, and navigating global value chain challenges.