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IBC Mixer Mixing In The Tote

Dec 16

IBC agitators for tote tanks help reduce fluid transfer waste and time by mixing directly in the intermediate bulk container (IBC). Keeping product within the same vessel eliminates transporting it in and out of different mixers. This allows for the blending of any recipe at any time, reducing production downtime and improving consistency. A variety of styles are available to meet any application. These tote mixers can be found in both 275 gallon and 330 gallon plastic IBC totes with or without cages. Mixer options include electric, pneumatic air, explosion proof motors, and stainless steel tote agitators.

Ibc anti-contamination mixer are designed with a collapsible turbine shaft that fits through the IBC tote’s 6" top opening. They are ideal for IBC tote mixing, agitating, and dispersing of liquids, powders, or solids in agriculture, paint, chemical and other industrial applications. They can also be used to re-mix settled or separated ingredients in IBC storage containers.

Mix any recipe any time with Ibc anti-contamination mixer. This revolutionary IBC tote mixer provides high-speed agitation for consistent, uniform blending and eliminates the need to load and unload ingredients from different vessels. The patented blade design creates circulation, eliminating dead spots and creating a more even, blended mixture.

The tote mixers can be supplied with either a standard electrical starter for wiring on site to suitable controls, an optional ATEX safety switch can be pre-wired for optimum safety. Alternatively, they can be supplied with an air motor complete with a muffler and exhaust flow control valve for connecting to a clean or dry compressed air supply. A standard eye bolt is provided to allow the mixer to be lifted by a hoist or fork lift module is available for lifting with a forklift truck.

Ensure the consistency of your powder recipe mix with an IBC tote mixer that can be fitted with near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. This is a fast and cost-effective technique that removes the need for invasive sampling, allowing users to quickly check the quality of their powdered recipe mixes. This can be especially important when the recipes are used in multiple manufacturing processes or in other locations to avoid cross-contamination.

The patented IBC tote mixer design is capable of mixing powders with a high viscosity and has the ability to disperse dry solids. This unique feature makes the ibc mixer ideal for applications requiring a highly-efficient, low dust and low noise level agitation system.

For powder blending, the tote mixers can be supplied with an option of a high shear cutter which expands blending capabilities by breaking up materials that would not mix by flow alone. This allows liquid fats to be incorporated into the mixture, more cohesive powders to be processed and agglomerated lumps to be dispersed. This allows the use of less expensive ingredients and lowers the total cost of the manufacturing process. This is a key benefit for food manufacturers who need to adhere to strict regulations on the handling of food grade products.