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Occupational therapy For Senior Home Care

Nov 10

Occupational therapy, sometimes called OT, is the use of meaningful activities to promote health and wellness. Health professionals who practice OT work with people of all ages to help prevent or lessen disabilities and return them to their daily lives. They may work in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, psychiatric hospitals, community occupational therapy agencies, private clinics, schools, and home health agencies.

Unlike other healthcare professions, like physical therapy or nursing, Occupational therapy to improve daily living looks at the person as a whole and focuses on helping them do the things they need and want to do. This might mean, for example, rebuilding a regular morning route so someone can go to the shops or learn how to cook again. It might also involve putting in place support structures to enable someone to manage their finances or build professional skills to apply for jobs. It could even be as simple as suggesting changes to a person’s environment, such as using ramps or adjusting a shower chair.

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A nationally certified OT, known as an OTR or COTA, has completed a two to four year program of study and is registered with the World Federation for Occupational Therapists (WFOT). The home health aides at Visiting Angels are all nationally certified and can provide a comprehensive assessment of your loved one’s needs. They can work with your family to create a care plan and develop goals, such as getting out of bed, taking medications on time, and engaging in daily activities. They can also suggest adaptations to your home, such as grab bars or a walk-in tub, and put in place a safe fall prevention program.

Home care aides are also trained to spot the early signs of mental or physical decline. If they notice a pattern of avoidable ER visits or hospitalizations, they can work with the person’s doctor to address the issues and help them recover. For example, if a person falls frequently, the aide can work with their physician to identify the risk factors and set up a fall prevention program.

The goal of home health aides is to help people stay as independent as possible. They can help with the day to day tasks that many seniors struggle with, such as getting dressed, cooking meals, and washing. They can also take their clients to social and recreational activities. They can monitor their client’s progress, and make any necessary adjustments as the patient gets used to the interventions. Some aides live in the home to perform the care plans that are in place, while others work during the week and have a rest period on the weekends. They are all committed to providing the highest level of home care.

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