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Protect Your Rights and Reputation With a Title IX Lawyer

May 31

Our Title IX lawyer Urbana Champaign are experts in protecting survivors against sexual assault, discrimination, and harassment at K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities across the country. Our nationally recognized lawyers obtain course final grades, significant tuition refunds, monetary awards, the expulsion of student perpetrators or termination, and policy changes.

The Education Amendments of 1971 and subsequent developments require that most educational establishments protect against sex based discrimination. This includes sex-based harassment, hazing, or sexual assault. The laws also stipulate that students must be given an opportunity to report violations.

Often, however, schools mishandle Title IX claims, leading them to overzealous investigations or disciplinary proceedings which violate the rights of accused students. If you're facing allegations of sexual abuse at your school, you should seek the assistance of a Title IX attorney as soon as you can to protect your reputation and rights.

While you are still under investigation, refrain from discussing the case with anyone other than your lawyer and/or a trusted support system. The investigator could use what you said against you if it was incriminating. Your conversations may also lead to witnesses who can testify in your defense. Avoid posting information about the case to social media or texting, as even innocuous remarks can be used as evidence against you.

After the investigation, an hearing will be conducted. In a typical hearing, the respondent has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accuser is right. This is much lower than the "beyond any reasonable doubt" standard in the criminal justice process, and can unfairly prejudice the process against the accuser.

A Title IX defence lawyer will be capable of examining the evidence in order to determine whether or not it meets the federal standards for a 'fair hearing'. Your lawyer, for instance, will be able examine the witness roster to ensure there is no bias or that all witnesses have neutrality. They can also question the credibility of accusers, pointing out inconsistencies or other factors which call their testimony into questions.

If they can prove that the person in question has not violated any school policies, Title IX defense attorneys may also be able to reduce the punishment. Modifying housing arrangements, changing schedules of classes, and other options are possible. The attorney can also negotiate a reduction in sanctions with the school, or the Office of Civil Rights.

If you are unable to reach a resolution, your lawyer will be able to file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights or sue the school for violating the law. Call a Title IX Defense Lawyer immediately for a free consultation. Your attorney will review facts about your case to identify any legal defenses that may be available and provide you with detailed strategies on how to proceed.

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