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Things You Should Know Before Launching Your Own Bounce House Rentals Business

Apr 9

Bounce House Rentals

A bouncehouse is an inflatable structure that allows children and adults to play, climb, and jump on. They are a great way keep children entertained at parties, festivals and other events.

This industry is growing and can be very lucrative if you have the capital. But you must do your research before you start a bounce-house business. These are the things you need to know before you launch your bounce house business.


The price per unit is a good starting point when determining how much to rent a bounce house. You can determine the price of each bounce house by researching online, looking at advertisements in newspapers and magazines, or asking local businesses. You can also use online coupon codes to save money on bounce houses.

You must advertise your bounce house business in your local area if you plan to open it. The best way to do this is by promoting your business on social media. This can be a fairly inexpensive way to get some exposure and make a few sales.

Another option is to place an advertisement on an online classified. These are a great place to find a large audience of people looking for party equipment, so this can be a great way to generate some sales.

Competition and location

Your competition is a major factor in determining whether or not you will be able to run a bouncehouse business. It may be difficult to attract customers if there are similar businesses in your area.

If your competition is located in an area with high density of businesses, it may be more advantageous to rent bounce houses in rural regions. You can target these areas by using a more targeted marketing campaign, or expand your service to include both urban and suburban locations.

An inflatable bouncehouse provides children with exercise, which is a great way for them to improve their health. The Center for Disease Control states that children need to be active at least an hour per day to keep their health and prevent developing diseases.

You should allow enough time for the inflatable bounce house to be set up when you plan your event. This includes locating the area and making sure there are enough spaces to safely access the bounce house from both sides. This will prevent any injuries from occurring if someone falls on the inflatable bouncehouse while it is inflated. For more visit

You can add extras to your bounce house, such as slides or obstacles, for an additional fee. These can be great additions, as they allow children and their friends to play together in a larger group of five or six.

Most bounce house companies offer free delivery or pick-up within their locality, but may charge extra if you are outside the area. This is due to the cost of gas and traveling to pick up and deliver the bounce house. You should ensure that the company you choose is able to give you a map of their area before you book your bouncehouse. This will help you plan accordingly.