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Jan 21

Worker Renovates

Metallic Epoxy has been the top choice for residential and commercial property owners who are looking for a great way to upgrade a foundation with strength and visual quality. At North Houston Flooring Pros, we specialize in metallic epoxy services for all floors, no matter if you’re looking for a new home garage or if you need an industrial foundation for your workplace. Metallic epoxy floors from our qualified experts will leave you with a smooth, polished foundation that is coated with high-quality epoxy resin, designed to be one of the most durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing floor coatings achievable.


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Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy flooring services from our highly skilled specialists involve a complex process of prepping your foundation to then coat your floor with high-quality epoxy resin, we work using strict attention to detail to ensure the end result is a smooth, flawless metallic epoxy coated floor that can withstand extreme wear and tear. Our team has spent many years working in this industry, and through this time we have cultivated a premium set of skills that allows us to coat foundations with the perfect depth of top-quality metallic epoxy resin.

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

In working with our team on your foundation transformations, you’ll see a team hard at work to apply an even, smooth coating of high-quality metallic epoxy resin that will enhance your living environment in more ways than one. Epoxy floors from our qualified contractors are completely customizable to your property and personal preferences, no matter if you’re looking for anti-slip properties, improved foundation strength, and durability, or beautiful aesthetic qualities, our metallic epoxy floors will benefit you from the moment we conclude our services and for many more years to come.


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Professional Installation

A metallic epoxy floor is a premium floor resin manufactured with metallic pigments mixed into the materials. This beautiful flooring choice is perfect for all flooring, whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, our team has all the skills you need for a flawless epoxy floor installation. We begin our services with a thorough foundation preparation, readying your floor for an even coating of our metallic epoxy. Always operating with precision and accuracy, you’ll see your new metallic floor reflecting light in a visually stunning way, coated with high-quality resin that will remain strong and beautiful for years into the future.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Kit and Coating Services

Clients from all over the Houston area continue to select us for their metallic epoxy floor kits and coating services because we not only one of the largest selections of metallic epoxy varieties, but we work to provide clients with customized floor services that they will be sure to love. Whether we are performing metallic epoxy floor maintenance or if we are installing for you a gorgeous, reflective epoxy foundation, our goal is to ensure that your new and improved floor looks great and is set to last. With our work, you’ll be able to navigate your day-to-day life using one of the strongest, most durable surfaces underfoot, installed by the best flooring professionals in the business.


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