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Plumbing | 7 Ways to Know Your Plumbing Issues Aren’t Resolving

Jan 19

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Your home is where the heart is. At all times, you maintain its condition, curb appeal, and functionality to make it your peaceful sanctuary. So, how do you deal with plumbing issues when they ensue?


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Most homeowners take plumbing systems for granted until an issue disrupts the water supply. Plumbing issues are some of the most encountered problems by homeowners. In shunning them, it’s important to have regular plumbing system inspections.

After identifying simple plumbing issues like leaky taps, DIY enthusiasts can easily handle them. However, some problems such as low water pressure may not be easy to diagnose and solve. They require advanced tools and skills, and that’s where a trusted plumbing company comes in.

But not every plumber was created equal; you need to get it right when picking one. A rogue plumber only worsens your problems, causing costly damages to your property.

But in what situations should you look for a professional plumber? Read more to know when to call a plumber if your plumbing issues aren’t resolving.

Persistent Dripping Faucet

Everyone has heard the annoying drip sound in the dead of night. Have you tried solving the problem without any success? If so, you need to hire a professional plumber to do the task for you.

While you may ignore your dripping tap, note every drop counts, and this will add up hiking your water bills. If you’ve tried to tighten the faucet or change washers without success, call an experienced plumber. This may imply a deeper issue that needs to be addressed, or even the whole faucet needs to be changed.

Also, you could miss a step in solving the problem due to a lack of necessary tools. A professional plumber has the right equipment to take care of the leaking faucet. If there is an underlying problem, they will identify it and carry out the necessary repairs.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

Everybody agrees; garbage disposal is among the most convenient kitchen inventions ever made. But the convenience can be cut short when the appliance stops working. If your garbage disposal is jammed, you can try troubleshooting it on your own.

This involves turning it off, unplugging, and turning off the source of your kitchen power. When certain no electricity reaches the unit, check if any food waste or silverware is caught in the blades.

If you can’t find the problem contact a reputable plumber who knows the common problems with garbage disposals and how to correct them.


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Smelly Drains Plumbing Issues

Perhaps you’ve tried all possible hacks – deodorizing solutions and hot vinegar flush- but the stinking smell from your drain persists. This may indicate a major problem with your drain lines which can’t be solved by baking soda.

Smelly drains may result from the build-up of sludge on the sewer drains. In solving the issue, it’s important to contact a reputable plumber to deal with the problem. The professional plumber may recommend drain cleaning to solve the problem.

Low Water Pressure

Have you noticed the water is coming out of your taps slowly than normal? Perhaps your taps are dry, and no water is flowing at all. Lower pressure can be one of the most frustrating plumbing issues in your home.

While you may want to try out your DIY skills, multiple issues could cause low water pressure in your home. This includes leaky pipes, pipe corrosion, sediments, defective pressure regulator, or water softener problems.

Contact a professional plumber if you have tried several hacks without any improvement. They have dealt with similar instances before and will take less time to diagnose and solve the low water pressure issue in your home.

Sewage Backing Up

Wastewater should not find a way back to your water system. These can result in a pungent smell filling your home whether the sewage backs up from your bathtub, sink, or toilet. Also, the situation is a health hazard to your family and ought to be corrected as soon as possible.

In such a case, an expert with hands-on experience is required to determine the cause of the issue: tree roots, clogs, or damaged sewer line.

Clogged Drain

A clogged drain will result in many issues in your home; running toilets, slow draining sinks, and clogged shower drains. They are common problems to homeowners, and using drain cleaners can solve them. Also, DIY drain cleaners made from basic natural ingredients in your kitchen can help.

These dry cleaners unblock the drains by dissolving debris such as hair, food remains, or mineral build-up. The unclogging exercise can be very easy, but this depends on the severity of the blockage.

If you can’t solve the issue after several attempts, then you need to contact a plumber. Drain unclogging may require the use of tools such as a plumber’s plunger or snake. For the toughest clogs, the plumber may also use hydro jets.

Since they have the right tools, the plumber can easily unclog your drains to solve the slow draining sink issue.

Rusty Water

If your taps are streaming brown water, this could mean there is a problem with your water supply line or water heater. Rusty water may not harm you but can stain your bath and sink basins. Do you have an idea of how you can solve this problem?

In most cases, rusty water results from corroded pipes, rust in the water heater, burst water softener, or problems with the water main. To pinpoint the reason behind rusty water, an expert is invaluable. A skilled plumber will discover the root cause with ease and suggest the best solution.

Hire a Plumber to Solve Your Plumbing Issues

It’s easy to fix some minor plumbing issues but if you encounter a problem beyond your control, seek professional help. A reputable plumber is well trained and experienced to handle all your residential plumbing issues.

Don’t hesitate to contact your plumber when facing the above plumbing issues.

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