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Boxing Machine Hire in Manchester

Dec 28

Boxing machines in Manchester, UK have plenty to add to any location. They are good at keeping customers and attracting new ones. We have boxing machines in venues smashing cash box records, taking over £2000 per month profit. We supply in Manchester a wide number of the latest boxing machines that come in many different styles and enticing features including cash/prize payout. The quality and reliability of our punch machines doesn’t get any better, all suppliebyom the best provider with two-coin acceptors to maintain playability in the rare occasion of a coin jam so the machine is never out of service.

Why Customers Love Boxing Machines

Boxing Machine Rent Manchester can add a lot more amusement potential to your venue. They’re proven money-makers, attracting punters and guests of all kinds to test their might. Diamond Leisure provides some of the highest quality machines from Kalkomat to ensure they keep coming back. These machines have multiple difficulty levels and unbreakable record settings to keep customers challenged. They work with both coins and bills simultaneously so they’re more accessible than older games. There’s even a free game mode that can be switched on during events, which can get players hooked.

New customers will love seeing just how hard they can hit, hoping to impress (or beat) their friends. Regulars will be taunted by those high scores, challenging them to try and try again. It’s a great, stress-busting way to have some fun and earn some bragging rights worth investing in. What’s more, there are tons of different aesthetics available for our punching machines. Whether you want something bright and poppy, exciting and cool, or colorful and arcade-y. You can choose the look that fits your venue.

Premium Punching Machines

Some of the punching machines we offer come with the promise of something extra for those who hit hard enough. Some can be fitted with a capsule dispenser that releases a prize when a certain score is reached. You can set the winning score yourself, and load it up with whatever prizes you please, from cash to toys.

Another upgrade is the Wheel of Boxing feature. Like a Wheel of Fortune, the aim is to stop the wheel on a prize with a punch. Settings for winnings are completely adjustable so you can increase or decrease the win rate as you like.

This is an extra incentive to play that can keep customers coming back and trying again. The ability to load the machine with your own prizes means you can choose those most appropriate for your customers. It makes them ideal for all kinds of venues and improves their money-making potential.

They are Proven Money Makers

When it comes to adding an additional revenue stream to your business, cost-effectiveness is the key. Investing in punch machine hire might not sound all that profitable to some, however. Not only do they offer high potential cash box takings but it’s also much cheaper to hire from us than to buy. These machines are an investment and one that isn’t all that affordable while growing your business. However, punch machine rental or hire means you don’t have to pay that investment, only how long you want them. We also offer Pool Table Rent Manchester, Fruit Machine Rent Manchester, Jukebox Machine Rent Manchester, and Arcade Machine Rent Manchester .

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