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Our Core Values

Nov 18

The purpose of BNI is to assist BNI Members to increase their business through systematic, positive, and professional referral marketing that allows members to build long-lasting lasting relationships with top-quality business professionals.

 CORE Values

 BNI is built on a set of guiding principles that form the basis that our members use to communicate, behave and fulfill their goals. This is a brief overview of each of our Core Values and the way they influence us.

 Givers Gain

 Make it a priority to give before you hope to gain. Giving without expectation creates a better world for everyone and creates crucial opportunities and relationships that last.

  Traditions and Inspiration

 Tradition is a foundation for who we are. But, we must always be looking for methods to improve.

  Building Relationships

 Networking is about building relationships with new contacts, not searching for them. People prefer doing business with people they are familiar with and trust. It's all about developing those relationships.

 Lifelong learning

 Your worth increases as you develop your knowledge and abilities. To become the person you desire to be, you must create an outline of your goals and follow it to reach your goals.


 We keep the promises we make, especially when it is hard to keep them. This helps build trust and strengthens solid relationships.

 Positive Attitude

 BNI provides an environment where you can surround yourself with people who are eager to help you succeed. We see the positive in all that surrounds us, and that helps us move forward. We can attract wonderful opportunities, people riches, opportunities, and people by finding the most positive in each of us.


 Recognition is a key ingredient in the development of successful companies. Happiness, meaning, and success are attained by those who master the art of recognition.

 BNI's Core Values Begin with the Gain of Givers

 Altruism and goodwill towards each other and the world begin with a genuine love for everyone. We embrace and encourage diversity in all areas.


 Our Statement on Equality and Non-discrimination

 BNI demands that BNI Chapters scrutinize and choose individuals for membership in all categories based on their qualifications, without regard to race or color, gender religious belief, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, or age. BNI will not endorse any BNI Chapter's action when it is in violation of the equality and non-discrimination declaration.

  Member Safety and Wellbeing

 The safety and well-being of our Members are our first priority. BNI members can join securely from their homes or offices. We'll continue to provide BNI Online meetings going forward and when Chapter Members are comfortable with it at their individual Chapter level. If you have questions or concerns, please get in touch with us at 618-227-7785.

  BNI St. Clair County IL

  Our BNI Chapter is actively supported by the national, regional, and global BNI personnel who offer the structure, training, and tools needed to ensure the ongoing growth of BNI Members.


BNI St. Clair County

929 Edgewood Dr O'Fallon, IL 62269


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