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What You Need to Know About Building a Deck and Stairs

Sep 30

Timber decking has an average lifespan that ranges between 15 and 30 years. If your deck is properly maintained and cared for it could be used for a number of decades. Deck maintenance is important in keeping your office or home in good shape. Cleaning your deck can help avoid decaying wood, water damage as well as other issues that could harm the property. This deck cleaning and stripping guide will help you comprehend the steps to follow when cleaning your deck. Here are some tips on how to perform deck maintenance properly.


How do you clean the deck surface


It is important to clean the sun deck thoroughly before you begin any DIY tasks.


It's possible to accomplish this using the help of a chemical formula that gets to work quickly and doesn't need the user to exert lots of effort or do it by hand. However, these cleaning products may harm your plants; therefore, ensure you protect them using a plastic cover.

Also, if you do not wish to make use of chemicals, a high-pressure washing system, an extra-sturdy wire brush, and some elbow grease could be enough to remove built-up debris. This isn't a good idea if you have mold. You must first remove any evidence of mold.

Use a cleaning agent.


1. Make use of a broom for cleaning the deck.


Take out all furniture and then vacuum the floors with a wire brush or a vacuum. Begin by sweeping the floors. Clean up any dirt or debris collected over time. Then vacuum, if required. Pick up any pieces of furniture strewn on the floor and put them back in their place. Be cautious not to damage any items when you do this. You might have difficulty to get into some areas of your house because of clutter or other obstacles (like the high ceilings) So, you should hire a professional cleaning service. They can clean all of your belongings without difficulty.


2. Ensure the safety of the surrounding area


It's essential to keep the deck safe and tidy to protect your safety and that of your guests. This is crucial for decks that face a public space like a park or street. It is possible to place a sheet over your plants to protect them from cleaning solutions. This can prevent harm to your plants or the destruction of their roots.


3. Clean the decking with the deck cleaner.


Multi-purpose deck cleaners can be used to scrub your deck and remove mold. This is especially useful for areas prone to mold in your deck. It's fast and simple to deal with many issues and have your deck look new within minutes.

Before you begin cleaning, you must go through the guidelines provided by the manufacturer if using one of our decking cleaners.

Apply our deck cleaning solution to your deck surface and scrub it clean. To get the best results, let it sit for about 15 minutes until the cleaning solution can begin working, and then use a pressure washer to eliminate the cleaning agent. If a pressure washer is not in your possession, it is possible to scrub and rinse with water.


After Trex deck builders near me have removed all cleaning residues, your deck will look fresh and new.


Utilizing a high-pressure washer


You can clean your deck using the pressure washer, but you must still sweep it and protect the surrounding area to ensure nothing is damaged.


Try the pressure washer on a completely unnoticed surface to ensure it does not harm decking.


Choosing a nozzle with the largest bore is feasible to ensure that water pressure is evenly distributed.


Begin by lifting the pressure washer about one meter (2 feet) above the decking surface. Maintain a 45deg angle when using the nozzle and go closer to the deck but not more than 15-30cm at any time since this could harm the surface.


The nozzle should be moved in sweeping motions across your deck, beginning at one end and then moving toward the grain of the wood. To decrease the impact of the pressure on your skin, ensure that the nozzle is operating in a back-and-forth motion.


It is possible that you will have to keep working on difficult areas using the wire brush until you are completely rid of them.

Do not proceed if you notice mold on your deck. The risk of spreading mold spores or increasing the severity of the issue by pressure washing is very high. Mold should always be treated first!


There you are! This is a step-by-step guide to maintaining the deck of your Trex. Maintaining your home clean and healthy requires some basic care and equipment. The Trex deck can last many years if maintained in a way that is proper.


You can search for "Trex deck builders near me" and hire someone who has worked with these tools for a long time. You don't have to spend the money for Trexdeck installers Massachusetts professionals because they typically have everything they need within their garages. When they get started cleaning decks made of Trex, make sure you tell them all about the requirements you have.

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