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Sep 22



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There are a number of reasons why individuals transition to a more digital approach to managing their finances and the current popularity of money management applications. Real-time data, on-time payments, and automatic computations and updates are just a few reasons why most consumers choose to utilize these convenient applications.


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Old Mutual's 22Seven is a free budgeting and investment application. 22seven assists with budgeting, tracking expenditures across various accounts and investing for life objectives. In addition to linking bank, investment, stockbroker, loan, cryptocurrency, and rewards accounts from over 100 providers, a feature that most budgeting applications claim about, this software features expenditure notifications. This is a useful tool since it lets you see precisely where your money is going.

The application may also classify expenditures based on budgeted expenses, such as rent, groceries, and entertainment. The option to define objectives, invest in them, and track your progress to fulfilment is a further important tool. This program makes it simple to manage your spending, enables you to make smarter financial decisions, and offers advice according to your spending patterns.


Stash by Liberty

Stash by Liberty is an investment that allows you to invest tax-free in your future by saving tiny amounts of money daily via an app. It is owned and administered by Liberty Group Limited. There are no forms to fill out or fees to pay, and it is incredibly simple and handy to use. This application allows you complete control over when and how much to invest. Unlike other investments, Stash gives you access to your savings at any time, and you may withdraw as much as you need.

You have complete access to your investment and may withdraw funds immediately from the application. Your funds will be loaded into the linked bank card. Additionally, you may construct a tax-free investing account for your children. This account will be under the name of your child and will utilize their own annual and lifetime tax-free limitations. Stash also rewards you for being active by saving 5 cents for every 20 calories burned, 100 meters walked, and 100 steps taken. Even your Stash app may be linked to your fitness app.


Clearscore is an app that may help you check your credit score and then aid you in improving it. This means you are more likely to be approved for your next credit card or loan and have access to a broader selection of offers. Clearscore may aid you by removing errors from your credit report and preparing you for your next credit application. This application also allows you to check for any fraudulent activity involving your credit cards or unauthorized transactions.


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