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Pro Tips for Gravel Driveway Maintenance

Aug 16

The soothing crunch of a gravel driveway is a welcome sound like there is no other sound could. It is a great activity to lay a crushed stone driveway. Anyone can create a CT stone and gravel driveway, even without landscaping experience. Follow these useful tips and tricks to ensure your new driveway is beautiful.


What is a gravel driveway? And what is the difference between it and the regular driveway?

It's easy to see how gravel driveways can boost curb appeal.


Utilizing a range of colored sizes, shaped, and colored decorative stones, you can just alter the look and feel of your brand-new gravel driveway.


Gravel is used to beautify walkways, patios and rockeries, landscaping, and decorative borders. Gravel driveways are still very popular despite this.


The benefits of a gravel Driveway


  • Design Flexibility - You'll have many options regarding the color, design, and size of your driveway's gravel, which means you can be as imaginative as you want.

  • Driveways made of grass don't require cutting, mowing, or watering. This makes it easier to keep them free of weeds.

  • It is less expensive and simpler to maintain than other options like tarmac, asphalt, or grass.

  • The remarkable ability of gravel to disperse rainwater means your driveway will remain free from puddles.

  • The gravel's crunch sound as you walk on alerts you to the presence of onlookers because it is a loose aggregate.

  • A driveway made of gravel is a project you can do yourself that even the most inexperienced DIYer might be able to accomplish.


How do you maintain a driveway made of gravel?


Items Necessary


  • For a striking look, get the highest quality decorative stone.

  • For a sturdy foundation, you can use MOT Type 1 leveling material.

  • The Driveway Fabric Weed Prevention Membrane provides drainage for water and also weed resistance.

  • The driveway is bordered with decorative rocks (optional).


Step 1: Choose the gravel that you would prefer to employ.


The choice of gravel chipping is the initial step to building a beautiful new driveway. Stone and gravel can be versatile and used on any type of road, regardless of style or age. Be sure to consider the overall design of your home while deciding on a gravel color before making a final decision. There's a vast array of gravel and stone colors as well as textures and shapes that you can choose from based on your location and whether you live in a rural town or in a bustling urban. The 20mm Cotswold Buff Gravel (20mm) is a wonderful driveway choice. It offers a stunning contrast to dark brickwork. Gravels with an angular style are extremely beneficial as they can be arranged to lock and preserve the stability of the gravel layer. Our popular 20mm Polar White Marble is the best choice for a contemporary style and highlights plants and trees nicely for an even lighter, brighter, and vibrant look. Our Green Granite Gravel 20mm alternative is stunning, attractive, and suitable for rural and urban areas. Dove Grey Limestone Gravel 14-20mm is an extremely popular option for driveways, and it's among our most popular products of quality. Do not let us pick the right gravel for you. There are many choices of aggregates, gravels CT stone and gravel. So be prepared to have fun picking the best shade and design to go along with your walkway.


Step 2. Measure your driveway.


Measure your driveway after you've selected the color scheme for your gravel driveway. This will allow you to determine how much gravel you'll require for your project. To make it easier, we've made an online calculator for gravel. As a general guideline, one bulk bag of gravel covers approximately 5 square meters at 50 millimeters of depth (not including the sub-base).


Step 3: Pick the gravel driveway edge.


The design of gravel driveway borders is a vital element of the process. They improve the appearance of the driveway and provide visual interest.


Solid block borders look great. They also help keep the gravel out of your driveway.


Natural edging can create gravel driveways using large boulders or rockery stones. They are beautiful when used as a buffer between the gravel and the remaining areas of turf or planters.


The edging on your driveway made of gravel should be long enough to prevent dirt from flowing all around your driveway.


Step 4: The construction of the gravel driveway starts with the preparation of the ground.


Preparation is the first step when it comes to constructing the driveway. You may have to remove any debris, turf, or topsoil. After that, you'll need to excavate between 50 and 200 millimeters from the surface. You'll need to leave at most 50 millimeters of gravel and at least 150 millimeters for the sub-base base. Be sure that the driveway's foundation is leveled and compacted. For areas with soft soils, it could be necessary to remove and reinstall MOT Type 1. To compact the base layer on walkways with a large footprint, it is possible that a roller will be needed.


Step 5 5. The gravel driveway sub-base is laid


Your gravel driveway base must be MOT Type 1.


MOT Type 1 aggregate can be used to fill large areas and enhance the stability of your driveway. There are many sizes of aggregate, from fine dust to 40mm. Be aware that your decorative CT stone and gravel will be placed between the sub-base and the top So, leave a minimum of 50mm of space.


Step 6: Weed Prevention Membrane should be used at this point.


To stop weeds from growing and let water flow through the gravel, we highly recommend using a Weed Prevention Membrane. Place the sheet on the top of the MOT that has been compacted Type 1 and cut it according to the desired shape.


Step 7: Spread your decorative rock over the ground.


After all the hard work, we've finally made it to the best part of the process!


Place your gravel on the Weed Prevention Membrane. The gravel layer should be at minimum 50mm (5cm) thick and evenly dispersed. To ensure that the gravel is distributed uniformly, rake the entire surface.

How to keep a driveway clean and free of weeds


Keeping your gravel driveway clean and attractive is easy and requires little effort. These are some ways to ensure your driveway looks great throughout the year.


Remove leaves, twigs, and other debris semi-regularly from your gravel driveway, especially in autumn. This is a great method to break it up If you have compacted gravel.


While there is an effective barrier against weeds, if seeds get blown in by wind and weeds still grow, they can form. These can be removed by hand with gardening gloves. Spray glyphosate-containing weed killer (or herbicide) on the affected areas.


The driveway's gravel may thin out with time, leaving barren areas. Fortunately, this may be addressed by adding more gravel to the afflicted areas.


You can ensure that the CT stone and gravel used to fill your driveway are the same as the original stone by ordering another bag of gravel when you make your purchase.


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