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Best Photo Booths to Rent for a Wedding 

Aug 15

Best Photo Booths to Rent for a Wedding 

There are many reasons why you should rent a photo booth for your wedding by booth rental companies like insta photo booth rental. One of them is that they have a way of capturing intimate moments a stationary or roving photographer would have missed. Additionally, depending on the kind of photo booth you rent out, they can be an additional source of fun for your guests. 

Some photo booths take you down memory lane, filled with nostalgia, while others thrill you with their novelty. Either way, they are bound to make an even more memorable day more special. This article will show you some of the best photo booths to rent for a wedding:

Open Air Photo Booths

Open air booths do not have an enclosure and can accommodate large groups, making them ideal for Covid situations where guests wish to observe social distancing protocols. You can also take group pictures with them without squeezing into a tight space.

The Enclosed Photo Booth

Enclosed booths are the opposite of the open-air photo booths, and they have enclosures where guests can sit and have their photos taken. Usually, a machine prints the pictures almost immediately so the guests can have fun going through the shots they've taken.

Although enclosed photo booths do not accommodate large groups, they offer privacy which helps guests to express themselves freely.

The GIF Holographic Booth 

The GIF Holographic Booth has grown in popularity over the years. It is a step up from the GIF booth that uses a series of combined photos to create shareable GIFS.

With GIF Holographic booths, the camera produces short loops of videos and creates 3D-like holographic or lenticular prints right on the spot. Although it looks hard to believe, several phone booth companies are capable of producing these prints swiftly.

Caravan Photo Booths

Many caravan photo booths resemble the caravans of the 60s but with an opening in front where guests can sit or pose for their pictures. It is typically set up with a seat on one side, a camera, and a touchscreen menu to activate.

Caravan booths are remarkable for their nostalgic feel and chic look. However, you have to consider it as they can take up space and cost extra to hire.

Slow Motion Photo Booths

Slow motion makes even mundane things look dramatic, which is why they are another way of creating hilarious memories. Slow motion photo booths offer short videos capturing your guests with ridiculous facial expressions. Your guests will have fun teasing each other about their awkward poses and faces in the slow-motion captures.

The Robot Booth

Robot booths have grown popular, especially in the post-covid era. Many prefer this booth because it protects their guest from exposure to codvid and also adds the novelty factor for them. Either way, they will likely discuss the unique encounter with the robot booth.

Many Robot booths are programmed to follow your guests around and offer to take pictures of them. Some specialized booths like the Selfiebots go a step further and offer to take selfies. Their polite robotic drone never fails to thrill guests. They are sure to be a great phone booth for your event.

Polaroid Photo Booths

We've all had fun with polaroid cameras in the past, so what better way to trigger a walk down memory lane than with a polaroid photo booth? The Polaroid phone booth could be open or enclosed; Its difference lies in a camera designed to print out polaroid images for your friends. Each polaroid image is unique and makes a valuable souvenir for your guests.

Getting The Best Out of Photo Booths

The whole point of hiring a photo booth will be lost if you fail to maximize their use. There are several suggestions you should take note of:

  • The booth should be in a visible, high-traffic area of the venture. A clear position will motivate more guests to use the photo booth.
  • Use eye-catching decoration to draw attention to the booth.
  • Props may be considered a Covid risk these days because so many people use them. But a good backdrop can guarantee loads of fun when using the booth.
  • Encourage people to try the booth by streaming live photos on a screen. Very few people can resist the chance to see themselves on the screen.


Photo booths have a way of increasing the joy of an occasion. Fortunately, there are several options. All booth types will surely add fun to the occasion, provided you use them correctly. You and your guests are sure to have an enjoyable and memorable experience.


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