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New Haven's Top Solar Inverters

Jul 5

New Haven's Top Solar Inverters

Inverters, although they get a lot of attention from the media, are still a vital component of any system. The proper selection of inverters is critical for optimal solar energy production.

Undersized solar inverters can cause "clipping power," which means some of the solar electricity will be wasted. This won't reduce your utility bills. A home with complicated shading or roofline is a good example of a poor inverter selection.

Inverters can last for a lot longer than solar panels. This is because the solar inverter might need to be changed while the solar panels remain young.

Smart Solar New Haven is committed to installing solar power systems which will generate clean electricity for decades. We install only the best solar inverters. These inverters are trusted and have long product warranties, which protect your investment.

What Does a Sun Inverter Do?

A current of electricity is created when sunlight hits your solar panel. But, the electricity is only flowing in one direction because it is a direct current (DC). Alternative current (AC), however, is better at transmitting power over long distances and your household appliances as well as the power grid. AC power allows electrons both to move forward and backward.

Smart Solar New Haven looks at the following factors when selecting a solar inverter.

  • Efficiency rating of the solar panel inverter. From an efficiency perspective, not all inverters work equally well. But, equipment with higher efficiency will generate more electricity for your home than solar panels. The vast majority of solar inverters operate at more than 95% under the most common conditions.
  • Capacity for the inverter: We aim to provide you with the maximum power and minimize equipment oversizing. An inverter that is too large will cause your panels to produce less energy.
  • Warranty on solar investments: Your solar panel system will be protected against failure by long product warranties, along with our 25-year labor and service warranty.
  • Unique property characteristics: Smart Solar New Haven custom designs each solar energy system according to your goals and property. We may need to consider shading or installing solar storage batteries if your roof is shaded. An inverter is also needed for solar batteries, which store DC power.
  • Where an inverter was manufactured Smart Solar New Haven customers enjoy purchasing equipment that's made in the Pacific Northwest. We frequently use APsystems Microinverters. They are based in New Haven.

What types of solar-powered inverters are there?

The variety of solar inverters that are available to them is what makes them unique. Although large solar installation companies tend to use the same method of installing solar systems, ours is customized for each project based on goals, budget, and property. Therefore, we can install any of the three inverters commonly used in residential applications.

Solar Microinverters

Installers mount PV converters on the back of the solar panels to convert DC into AC power. Each panel, therefore, has its own unit. You would, for instance, have 20 panels of solar power. This means that you would need 20 microinverters. We install many microinverters in our systems because they offer multiple benefits.

Can my Solar Inverter be left on at night?

Yes, solar panels can be switched on or off depending on the need. Solar inverters can be very efficient and only require very little electricity. It doesn't take much to turn on or shut down your system. Even solar systems equipped with battery storage are able to detect if there is a power outage and turn off your system so that you can get the essential household energy load.

How to choose the best inverter for your Solar system

Smart Solar New Haven tailors each solar energy project specifically for New Haven homeowners. We will determine whether or not your solar system is going to have batteries.

We have access to some of the best inverters and panels available. We frequently install Enphase, APsystems, and SolarEdge microinverters as well as Generac Power Systems central or central inverters.


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