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Here are 4 Common Materials You Can Use to Refinish Your Cabinet

Jun 18

Here are 4 Common Materials You Can Use to Refinish Your Cabinet

Cabinet refinishing will be a major task of any kitchen remodel. The cabinets in a kitchen can last up to 50 years. For a more modern, sleek look, you can reface the cabinets by removing the outer layers and replacing the hardware. Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing is recommended if you are considering a restoration project. Here's a guideline of materials and the steps involved in refacing.

1. PVC Vinyl Cabinet

PVC is a great material for cabinet refinishing. It is affordable to purchase and the installation is much simpler. It is easy to install and requires minimal labor. This further cuts down on the expense. They are stronger than wood and can withstand moisture, rotting, termites, and other conditions.

The main problem with vinyl is that it is not scratch-resistant. PVC Vinyl can begin to warp when exposed to heat or direct sun.

2. Refacing with Wood

Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing makes use of wood as one of its most popular materials. Its rustic appearance stands out against modern kitchen interiors. There are many styles to choose from: mahogany cherry oak maple, oak, oak, and cherry.

Wood is vulnerable to rot in high moisture environments. You can protect your wooden cabinets with a conversion varnish. The coating resists both water and any chemicals found in your kitchen.

3. Medium Density Fiberboard MDF

MDF is a popular material for home renovations. It is created by pressing layers made of wood particles and bonding them using a resin. The end result is a consistent, durable, and smooth material.

MDF is an excellent choice for applications where paint might be needed in the near future. Its surface lacks grain patterns which would affect the consistency of the paint. MDF will not be affected by changes in temperature, unlike wood. It can rot if it is subject to excess moisture. It also has an extremely short lifespan compared to products made of pure wood.

4. Rigid Thermofoil

The Rigid Thermofoil Material is a derivative of the medium-density fibreboard. It is MDF bonded under pressure with a vinyl coating. RTF replicates wood so it is a popular choice among Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing.

Replacing Hardware

Make sure to inspect the condition of your hardware when you are deciding which materials to use. Refinishing a cabinet may require you to replace its door hinges, drawer handles, and other fixtures.

You could choose slow-closing hinges for safety. If you want a dramatic refacing job, decorative trims/molds are a good option.

You might also think about adding accessories to your kitchen, such as lighting. Is there extra storage you will need in your kitchen? Add glass panels to the kitchen? These are some of the questions you should ask before calling Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing.

Choose the right material for your refacing

The type of kitchen you have and your preferences for aesthetics will influence the cabinet refinishing material that you choose. PVC can be affordable and simple to install. But, you may prefer the rustic look that wood veneer offers. An experienced Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing professional may be able to help you explore the possibilities. Better Than New Kitchens has more information.


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