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The History of Decorative Rugs

Feb 2

If you've never had an oriental rug in your home then you must! The stunning aesthetic and unique design of these rugs makes them ideal for any space in your home. They are also the perfect base for a variety different styles of decor. An oriental rug can add a beautiful touch of elegance to any room, whether you want a traditional style, farmhouse or more contemporary.

While the majority of Rug Source are made out of wool and silk, they aren't considered by many to be traditional. They are considered antiques as they were created by numerous carpet makers from the Middle East. They are highly appreciated and their quality is not questioned. A rug made by hand is an investment in the future of your home. Don't let the cost fool you. You'll be thankful you made the purchase. Rugs can be kept beautiful with the right care.

The origins of oriental rug-making can be traced back as early as the High Middle Ages. The first oriental rugs were created in Central Asia, and were famous to Europeans at the time. Traveler's stories along with court annals and paintings attest to their status as a luxury item. As these rugs became a part of European material culture, they earned the status of prestige and respectability. They also offered material for scientific research and collections.

The development and modern history of Oriental Rugs can be traced back to the mid-century. Chicago hosted the first major American exhibition. There, Greek entrepreneurs hired Pakistanis to teach Swazis how to create these rugs. The Ballard Exhibition at the Art Club of Chicago in 1922 was the first major exhibit of oriental rug. The New York World's Fair in Flushing, New York, included a huge display of oriental rugs.

The background of Oriental carpets started in the late 1800s when Robinson published a book on oriental carpets. The book offered specific descriptions of the various types of carpets. This led to the development of a classification system for the art. The first oriental rugs were made from ancient designs and techniques. Today, the most beautiful examples of oriental rugs can be found in museums and private collections across the globe. These studies will determine the future of oriental rugs.

The origins of an oriental rug may be difficult to determine. Different regions are characterized by a distinct style and history. Persian rugs are considered to be the most beautiful carpets. They have a long tradition. The Persian rug is the most well-known. They are the longest and oldest rug in the world. They are aristocratic in nature. This rug type originated in Iran. The aristocracy of Iran is aristocratic. Its traditional culture is a symbol of the aristocracy.

The size and style of the Oriental rug must be taken into consideration. Hand-knotted carpets are distinct, showing different patterns and colors. These rugs are also extremely difficult to find in various sizes or quantities. They are a great investment for your home. They also can soften and enhance your interior space. For a more exotic look consider an antique Oriental rug with faded patterns.