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Types of Blackjack and Tips for Winning at It

Dec 11

Types of Blackjack and Tips for Winning at It

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. It’s important to consider that there are different versions of it. Although, in all cases, the winner is always the one who has 21 in the sum of his cards. In the following article, we describe the main variants of blackjack and share some tips to succeed in this game.


Types of Blackjack


Classic Blackjack

In this mode, the dealer throws the first card. In addition, there is the alternative of insurance bets. With this insurance losses are recovered, in case the house has 21. After all the players make a decision, the dealer throws another card. In total, everyone has two cards at the end.


European Blackjack

In this case, the dealer deals a card for himself and for others. The house always has the cards open. Therefore, players do not wait until the end to find out the dealer's move.


American Blackjack

This variant forces the dealer to show his first card, as long as this first card is an Ace or a 10. In case the house has 21 on the first move, the game is over.


High Roller Blackjack

Only casinos use it, also, it is dedicated for expert gamers. One of its characteristics is that it always has very risky plays. Also, the stakes have to be very high at all times.


Double Exposure Blackjack

The house must always show its two cards at all times. It is the most suitable modality of this game for novice players. It allows those who are starting with these cards to make plays knowing the dealer's cards.


Blackjack Atlantic City

This originates from the American city of Atlanta. Its most important range is that the player can double the Juarez play in two equal parts. This is an interesting way to play blackjack, since it allows attractive combinations.


Blackjack Vegas Strip

This type originated in the popular American city of Las Vegas. The dealer deals a face card to each player. Also, for a face-up card to himself. Then, the second card of players face up, the dealer's card is placed face down.


Tips to Succeed in Live Blackjack

The experience of playing live blackjack cannot be compared to the traditional game mode. This form even allows you to apply some strategies to improve your chances of winning.


The first strategy you can apply is called "Basic Blackjack Strategy". This is sewn into a table that tells you which moves to make depending on which cards you receive at the start of a game. And as the name suggests, this is a perfect strategy for newbies to the game.


Another applicable strategy in live blackjack is card counting. This is a very simple method to apply that allows you to "predict" which will be the winning cards. In essence, the strategy is to determine when it is best to place a bet and when not.


To apply these live Blackjack tips and strategies, or any other, it is best to have some practice in the game. In this way, the chances of winning will be much greater. So, before starting to play on money, you could get started by practicing with friends and/or by playing on virtual money.