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Dec 11

Chiropractor Grand Rapids by The Chiropractic Doctors


The Chiropractic Doctors has been serving the greater Grand Rapids area for over 35 years. Dr. Matthew Phinney, Grand Rapids Chiropractor, is proud to be able to bring The Chiropractic Doctors to the Cascade area in Grand Rapids. One of the newest additions is a fully renovated 2000 square foot facility, updated with modern aesthetics and state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology that will enable us to provide our patients with an even higher level of care. Along with chiropractic services, they offer massage therapy, spinal decompression and fitness/nutrition counseling which help people maintain their health and wellness goals while they are in treatment. The top-tier health professionals at The Chiropractic Doctors are happy to assist Grand Rapids with their health outcomes.


The Chiropractic team, led by Dr. Matthew Phinney, helps with a variety of injuries and ailments. The expert team helps patients with:

  • sports injuries
  • neck pain
  • joint pain
  • chronic pain
  • ankle pain
  • shoulder pain
  • auto injuries
  • spinal health

The Chiropractic Doctors is a Grand Rapids chiropractor that offers more than just treatments for back pain. Dr. Matthew Phinney and his team are experts at understanding how your body works and can solve the health puzzle to help you feel better both inside and out. From sports injuries, to chronic pain, they have the expertise needed to get you feeling like yourself again without having to take prescription drugs or undergo surgery! So if you're looking for relief from any of these symptoms, please contact The Chiropractic Doctors today - we'll be happy to schedule an appointment with one of their chiropractic care team who will gladly provide care in their 2000 square foot facility updated with modern aesthetics and state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology! 


What Does A Chiropractor Do?


Chiropractic care focuses on restoring ongoing wellness of the entire body using unique, non-invasive solutions. The purpose of chiropractic care is to treat disorders of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system, including disc problems and scoliosis. Often, a chiropractor uses massage, nutrition, and cold therapy to treat patients with health issues. A patient may have a variety of symptoms. A visit to a chiropractor will determine if it is time to visit a doctor.

A chiropractor is a medical practitioner who specializes in musculoskeletal problems. The doctor will use alternative methods and a unique, surgery-free solution to treat the problem, such as soft-tissue therapy, which works to relax tight muscles and ease fascia tension. They may also use adjustments to realign the joints and increase range of motion. They may also offer nutrition guidance and referrals for physical therapy or other specialists. It's important to note that a chiropractor does not perform any surgery.

A chiropractor may recommend diagnostic tests for patients. They consider all possible causes of a patient's primary complaint and make a decision based on these findings. They will discuss treatment options with the patient and explain the risks and benefits of each option. A chiropractic practitioner can also refer a patient to a doctor who will perform these diagnostic tests. If a chiropractor determines a specific condition needs to be treated, they will discuss this with the patient.

Located east of Lake Michigan on the Grand River, Grand Rapids is a great city to explore. The Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is an ideal place to see local and international art. You can find works by Henry Moore and a tropical conservatory. The Grand Rapids Art Museum features works by local and regional artists. You can also find many breweries in the city. And no visit to the area is complete without sampling its famous beer!


Grand Rapids, MI


Grand Rapids is a major business hub with several Fortune 500 companies. The city's population is over 400,000, making it one of the fastest growing areas in the state. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, half of Grand Rapids residents identify themselves as religious. There are significant Catholic and Evangelical Protestant communities in the city. For more information about life in Grand Rapids, check out its websites. There are plenty of fun things to do in the area.

You can visit the Fulton Street Museum, which houses over 5,000 works of art. From Renaissance art to contemporary works, there is something for everyone here. You can view more than 5,000 pieces of art in this museum. And if you want to learn more about Michigan's culture, you can attend the Fulton Street Farmers Market. Since 1922, the market has grown to attract over 200 vendors every week. If you're looking for a way to meet the locals, Grand Rapids is the city for you.


The Chiropractic Doctors

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